Putting St. Helena Residents Before Outside Corporate Interests

St. Helena residents are organizing to regain control over our land, water, and local government. Short-sighted development by outside interests is threatening the future of our town and the whole Napa Valley. This website includes highlights of relevant media coverage and provides additional information for St. Helena residents who want to know more and get... Continue Reading →

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Here’s How Big Wine Gets to Avoid Environmental Rules in Napa

Critics argue that Napa County officials, especially those in the Planning, Building and Environmental Services department, collude with the wine industry, ignoring violations of local rules, to increase wine production and tourist visits at the expense of the environment and local residents’ health and safety…

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A Vine Mess: Napa Ballot Initiative to Limit Oak Removal from Hillsides

Supporters submitted more than 7,000 signatures to the county elections office last month. Only 3,800 signatures were required to qualify it for the ballot. County election officials certified the signatures earlier this month. Among other things, the measure would cap future oak-forest removal for new vineyards at 795 acres…

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We look forward to finding solutions

The series of meetings with Mayor Galbraith and the group who petitioned for his recall has concluded. We want to thank the Mayor, moderator Judge Scott Snowden, and most of all, members of the community who listened and voiced their opinions during these forums.

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NEWS- Ballot Proposal over Napa County Hillsides Remains Undecided (Wine Spectator)

“We still believe strongly that Measure C would provide essential protections for Napa County’s watershed lands, and we remain hopeful that the final vote will break in our favor" - Mike Hackett Written by Aaron Romano; Original article available here: https://www.winespectator.com/webfeature/show/id/Ballot-Proposal-over-Napa-County-Hillsides-Remains-Undecided Napa voters cast ballots June 5 on a measure that could dramatically shape the future... Continue Reading →

NEWS: The Dark Side of Napa (Wine Spectator)

By treating Napa as either a luxury playground or just another revenue source, the richest vintners threaten the very agricultural endeavors that made the region what it is today. May 15, 2018- The fight to save our valley is at a crossroads. We've known for a long time that corporate winery interests threaten our land,... Continue Reading →

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