NEWS: The Dark Side of Napa (Wine Spectator)

By treating Napa as either a luxury playground or just another revenue source, the richest vintners threaten the very agricultural endeavors that made the region what it is today.

May 15, 2018- The fight to save our valley is at a crossroads. We’ve known for a long time that corporate winery interests threaten our land, air, and water. But, up until now, our fight has stayed largely out of the mainstream.

Author James Conaway, who you may know from works like Napa: The Story of an American Eden and The Far Side of Eden, is back with another book. This time, Conaway takes on Big Money in wine.

In Napa at Last Light: America’s Eden in an Age of Calamity (out now), Conaway highlights the fight between big wineries and local residents. Wine Spectator featured a review in their latest issue. If you haven’t yet checked out Napa at Last Light, check it out here (though you’ll need a subscription to read the whole review)

Conaway covers everything, from Big Money getting mixed in Napa politics, to the fraught state of the valley’s air, ground, and water itself. James Laube, editor of the Wine Spectator, reviewed the title, noting: “Conaway understands that real estate battles pitting neighbor against neighbor rarely play to a draw…As plantable land in Napa becomes ever more scarce, those who have the means win out over those who don’t.”



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