NEWS- Ballot Proposal over Napa County Hillsides Remains Undecided (Wine Spectator)

“We still believe strongly that Measure C would provide essential protections for Napa County’s watershed lands, and we remain hopeful that the final vote will break in our favor" - Mike Hackett Written by Aaron Romano; Original article available here: Napa voters cast ballots June 5 on a measure that could dramatically shape the future... Continue Reading →

NEWS: The Dark Side of Napa (Wine Spectator)

By treating Napa as either a luxury playground or just another revenue source, the richest vintners threaten the very agricultural endeavors that made the region what it is today. May 15, 2018- The fight to save our valley is at a crossroads. We've known for a long time that corporate winery interests threaten our land,... Continue Reading →

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